Sunday, March 28, 2010

Penelope and Bloom

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching a movie called "The Brothers Bloom" which could quite possibly be one of my favorite movies to date. It's a movie about two con-man brothers, one of whom wants out of the charade, and the other always wants a little more. Together, they agree to pull one more job that involves the lovely and eccentric Penelope Stamp.

Now this is where I could ruin things for you. But I'm going to try to keep that "could" from turning into a "will".

At the end of the film Penelope says to one of the brothers, "...then we're going to live like we're telling the best story in the world." Even without context this one half of a line has so much meat on its bones. It says everything I've ever wanted to say.

After hearing that line, I began to think about all the memories my grandparents have told me...all the adventures my friends have been on, all the love stories across the ages. Imagine combining the best parts from all the stories into one legendary tale...and then living it.

Music: Meet Joe Black-Whisper of a Thrill--The Film Music of Thomas Newman

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ever noticed how damp clover feels cool and sticky on the bottoms of your feet?

Ever realized you smell like earth when you come in from the outside?

Nothing beats sitting outside on a blanket, soaking up the sun and playing with the breeze on a day like today. Simple, earthen, clean, dirty, fresh, cool, open, and alive.

Things make sense when I'm outside. They get smaller and less significant in comparison to the bright blue canopy over my head. Threads of conversation are no match for the threads of bare branches against the sky. Green envy pales in comparison to the green clover beneath my feet. Whispers of trouble are drowned out by the quiet stirring of leaves in the breeze.

Being outside is being young again. It's running again, laying in the grass again, not caring about dirt or sweat or how you look. Being outside is freedom. No one can tell you you're captive when you have the sky above you.

No one can keep me captive when I'm free.