Saturday, October 25, 2008


Time is so taken for granted. We think we have it all. We are sure to live our lives on schedule, no interruptions, or stops. But this is so naive.

My friend Megan Baldwin died last night. She was my age, and I had known her since fourth grade. When I heard, it didn't click. It clicked in the sense that I cried and was sad, but...I still thought that I'm going to see her again in the mall, or when I go to her church. It didn't click.

So, when you think about that cliche, overused phrase, "Live every day like it's your last", take it to heart. Repeat it to yourself, let it sink it, and understand the magnitude of that little epigram. How would we change if we did just that? Would we care about most of the things we care about now? Would time seem so ready to be wasted? I think we'd become completely different people if we lived that way.

So watch the Time, my friends. Watch the Time.